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The magnificent

Stone Age to Iron Age KS2 scheme of work:

LESSON 4: The Neolithic period

Pupils will learn ..


•About the features of the Neolithic period

•About Skara Brae as an example of a Neolithic community settlement

•About Stonehenge as a cultural/religious structure


Lesson notes:


This lesson covers the Neolithic (literally meaning new) period which is characterised by familiar looking communities of huts and stone houses, organised farming with crops and animal domestication and complex tools, best exemplified by Skara Brae, which is on the list of suggested NC content.


Introduction:  Neolithic recap


Remind pupils that the Neolithic had the following features:

•4,000 to 2,000 BC in Britain (varies in other parts of the world)

•More recognisable settlements such as the stone buildings of Skara Brae

•Planted crops

•Animal domestication of sheep and cattle for food and clothing

As per previous lessons, briefly cover the impact of these events, explaining how humans were becoming more organised and settling more, no longer having to constantly rely on hunting and gathering but farming instead.  This is the true foundation of modern humans and our community-driven, collective-living lifestyles.


Possible activity 1: (Literacy) a menu from the Stone Age

Ask pupils to pretend that they are writing a restaurant menu for a Neolithic café.  What sort of food would the menu have?  Would it be different than the foods available to the Paleolithic hunter gatherers?  What difference would farming make?


Possible activity 2: (IT/Literacy) Skara Brae research and quiz

Research Skara Brae (many internet resources available) with a view to writing a quiz for the rest of the class.  Pairs swap to ask questions of the other partner.


Possible activity 3: (Art) Making Stonehenge or Skara Brae

Use clay or rolled up paper painted grey to make a model of either Stonehenge or one of the Skara Brae houses.  Skara Brae was notable for having stone cupboards.  Can pupils make a whole mini house from stone / paper-stone?




Come back together for feedback as a class about each event, or read the Skara Brae quiz out for other pupils to answer.