2.5 million years of historical learning in the comfort of your school

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The magnificent


(pupils handle all of these and learn about their construction and use)

One of the most exciting parts of our Stone Age primary school workshop for pupils is when they get to hold and investigate a range of genuine and replica Stone Age and Bronze Age weapons and tools.


The following pictures show just a selection of the items that I bring in school to show your pupils.  I also talk about how I made the replicas using traditional methods and show them pictures of the process of making them.  All in all, this provides an interactive journey of technological development through the full Stone Age to Iron Age period throughout the world and in Britain.


In addtion, there is also a video here where you can view me using a piece of actual 30,000 year old flint being used to cut a piece of wood, which is really interesting to show the pupils, especially if you have a workshop booked with me.

Stone Age to Bronze Age axes, real flints and animal bones and teeth Antler tools, flint spear, throwing arrow and stone and bronze axes mousterian-axe-head British and European flints, pot boiler stones and arrowheads Replica tools made from a pair of red deer antlers

Main artefacts display of over 50 real and detailed replica items from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age

(click pictures for captions and to enlarge)

Prehistoric selfies with the Stone Age artefacts!