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About us

Over 11,000 pupils a year!  Add yours to this number with one of my school workshops, which I firmly believe are among the best in the country

So in other words, you can book with confidence in the knowledge that the experience will be truly worthwhile and, what is more, excellent value for money for your precious school budget.  


On this note, I look forward to hopefully coming into your school in the future and I hope you find a workshop to suit your needs from the following range that I now currently offer:


WW1 school workshops @

WW2 school workshops @

Victorian inventions workshops @

Science rockets, spacesuit and inventions workshops @

Sword fencing school workshops @


Best wishes,


Darren (aka 'Mr B' to the pupils)

(or rather, me, Mr B, my workshops and my obsession with providing the best learning

experience that your precious school budget can buy)

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  • Some fella turning up late in a home-made papier mache suit with no teaching experience, poor subject knowledge, a poor range of resources, poor communications, no SEN experience,  no flexibililty and no supporting resources (in other words the opposite of the above :)

Hello there, my name is Darren Birchall and I am the fella who dresses up in all these strange costumes to provide you and your pupils with an excellent learning experience across a wide range of history, science and PE topics, from Roman Britain; the age of Victorian invention; the First and Second World Wars; the history and science of the 'Space Race'; a wide range of science workshops; and the excitement of the modern Olympic sport of sword fencing.


As a QTS-qualified teacher of many years, these workshops are the ultimate result of my wide range of teaching experience in a variety of educational settings in both state and independent schools, as well as experience as a teacher trainer and the writer of planning and teaching packs for both my own workshop websites and also organisations such as Manchester United and School Sport Partnerships.


As you can see from the range of pictures at the side, my policy of adding at least one (and sometimes more) brand new workshops each year has now resulted in 20 different high quality workshops for history, science and sport that are all planned in scrupulous detail to match both the needs of the Curriculum and (more importantly, in my opinion) your pupils and your school.


This, of course, requires a great deal of time, money and effort and on average each workshop takes a year to research, plan and finally put together into a form that I am happy to offer to schools, meaning that I GUARANTEE that each workshop provides the following:

What you WILL NOT GET from one of my

workshops, guaranteed

What you WILL GET from one of my

workshops, guaranteed

  • An extremely high quality, teacher-planned learning experience for your pupils that is fun, memorable and exciting

  • Excellent communications from me from start to finish

  • Unique resources coming from big workshop budgets, that you would be unable to access elsewhere (i.e. real 30,000 year flint tools in this

  • workshop; a Buzz Aldrin signed space glove in my spacesuit workshop and a working Stephenson's Rocket steam train in my Victorian inventions workshop + many more)

  • A flexible, adaptable approach to match your needs

  • Excellent SEN provision

  • FREE Supporting lesson plans and other teaching resources

  • A range of testimonials to support all of the above