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Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts for pupils to handle

Bring your Prehistoric topic to life with ALL these real and replica items for pupils to experience and handle, all blunted and safe with full handling guidelines given

Genuine items from the Stone Age to Iron Age


Mesolithic French (white) Flint tools

Paleolithic English (dark) flint tools

Mesolithic (Neanderthal-made) Mousterian Flint hand axe 

African flint arrow heads

Neolithic fishing weight from Normandy

Mesolithic English 'Pot boiler' stones for warming water

Unifinished Mesolithic flint tool (great for a "what if?" story starter!)

Woolly Rhino tooth

Cave Bear tooth

Cave bear claw

Cave bear bones

Haematite (the stone that iron comes from)

Giant Elk rib bone (our oldest item at 80,000 years!)

'Secret' items (if you book, please keep these quiet from the pupils to make the workshop more fun)

Section of real Mammoth tusk

Real Mammoth fur sample

Replica items, made by Mr B!

Antler tools, as follows (copied from examples in the British museum):
- scythe

- hammer

- hole maker (for animal skins)

- how


bone needle

stone axe

bronze axe


pitch pine animal glue

+ lots of fake furs, wigs + many more artefacts added all the time!

stone age primary workshop antler tools
year 3 pupils holding some stone age tools
stone age primary workshop display of artefacts
stgone age tool from primary school year 4 workshop
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