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"So worth the money! We will definitely be booking again"  Mrs Holt, y3 teacher, Worsley

Welcome to the magnificent

Stone Age to

Iron Age Workshop

A prehistoric primary history
workshop in-person in your school or on zoom with genuine artefacts and a range of amazing activities


"Real artefacts/weapons, real experiences, life size animals, real learning - a fantastic step

back in time with Mr B!"  Diane, y3 teacher, Bolton

Step back in time with a traveling museum of over 70 GENUINE and hand made replica

Stone Age to Iron Age artefacts, have a selfie with a Stone Age beast and even throw spears!

From the final steps of the evolution of Homo Sapiens and the use of primitive stone hand axes, right through to refined Bronze and Iron Age tools and settlements, your pupils are introduced to a range of genuine and replica artefacts to inform and inspire their learning about the topic in a truly hands on approach.   But that's not all, for the workshop also includes Stone Age target practice with spears and bow and arrows (all soft and very safe :) and the opportunity for pupils to have their picture taken with life-size projections of ancient beasts!


Planned and delivered by myself. an experienced QTS teacher, the workshop is planned from the ground up with two main aims in mind. One, to bring your year 3 or year 4 Stone Age to Iron Age to life in a totally new way and two, to teach towards and to expand upon the topic objectives, so that your pupils will learn above and beyond all your expectations in a fun and memorable way.

stone age primary school workshops beasts banner

"Great workshop today. my year 4 class and I loved it!  Inventive, informative and fun." 

Ben Leah, y6 teacher, Lancashire

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